Marshall Kirkpatrick
trying out tumblr for real

came here for the audio posting functionality, sticking around for subscription.  still not feeling like i’ve found my ideal iphone podcasting app.

Location apps yeild many observations: e.g. It takes 29 mins to bus & walk home from new seasons, as that’s how long ago I checked in there

The Internet of Sushi <— Internet of Things = RFID sushi. cool.

“@VictusFate: @marshallk most participatory rww blog for me is avc”

RT @chrisdyball: “Creativity is akin to insanity, say scientists…” BBC: (cc: @Richard_Florida @brainpicker @TheS …

audioBoo: Creativity and Insanity

reports allege that 600 person aid #flotilla aimed for Gaza has been boarded by Israeli army & 15 activists killed

when i’ve had some free time lately, I’ve been reading @mediagazer as my first pick for fun reading

eyeballing broadway tickets that would add up to $500 for the show part of dinner and a show. squinting. maybe that’s how it goes, though

pic that is said to be of a BP-killed dolphin